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Uncle Vatican.

     Above image - adaption of a JTC tract: "Comrade Paul, you were a traitor to your own country, how could you expect us to trust you now? You are a revolutionist, perhaps you might revolt against our system". [see References].

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    Brigadier Bojan Pograjc confirms the role of mastermind of the Vatican in the independence of Slovenia and therefore in the building of the EU. The fall of Yugoslavia and of the Communist block was not the end of the dictatorship, but the building of a new one, the European Union as preventive phase leading to the European, Vatican/Jesuit Union.

Military union: Politics has not in the army what to look for!
The political elite is not the homeland, saying soldiers

30th december 2012 at 11:41,
last intervention: 30 december 2012 at 14:11
Ljubljana -

The union of Slovenian soldiers strongly condemned the alleged speech Brigadier Bojan Pograjc, which should stress the role of the Church in independence and condemned the participation in the protests.

 The union Slovenian Armed Forces have also entered with full support for the letter written by Slovenian troops in Kosovo. This press release strongly condemned '' any interference of Slovenian Armed Forces in accounting policies and policy options through the influence of former members of the Slovenian Armed Forces "

 On Saturday, the web is circled letter to members of the Slovenian Armed Forces in Kosovo where it is said that in the ceremony designed to celebrate Christmas, Independence Day and New Year's, Brigadier Pograjc made the first spoke in English. Continuing the speech, he [Brigadier Bojan Pograjc] highlighted the fact of the "unfortunately overlooked big role of the Catholic Church in Slovenian independence''.

Above image - the banner: "stric iz ozadja je kapital" or "the uncle [puppetman] in the background is the capital[ism]". The ideology of the leftism is integrally coincident with the one of the Counter Reformation, expressed so brightly by doc Janko Kralj: "Many of the aristocratic families abandoned the Church and joined the Lutheran teaching, also with the intention to take possession of the church's wealth.". Precisely here is born the Dialectic Materialism of Karl Marx which sees the Protestantism as the ideological masque for the start of bourgeois age. Doc Janko Kralj and the Jesuits had to keep calm their tongues, and to not  reveal their true thoughts about the Reform, a self-censure represented by that little word "also". Communists, being proud to appear anti-moral and anti-ethic creatures as consequence of their exhibited atheist materialism, have not such form of hypocrite retain. URL:

     Marxism and leftism are the perfect useful tools  to threw sand in the eyes and are the complimentary gear of the Ultramontane putsch represented by the opinion  of  Brigadier Bojan Pograjc. The Ultramontane government of Janez Jansa had the task to create the economical context for the the explosion of social unrest ["Slovenian Uprising"]. The civil war in the society,  the collapse of the previous civil political institutions ["revolution"] and the religious modelling of the individuals [see the pro-Hamas propaganda documentaries of RTVSLO - link in References] are necessary steps to build the Roman Catholic Europe of the pope.

Above image - original caption of a JTC tract: "But you said ---!", "We sentence you to death, immediately!" [see References].

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"....And if the phrase "International Jesuit" was pronounced by Van Rompuy  as if it was a joke, it remains a fact beyond dispute: the fate of the euro is not just in the hands of Goldman Sachs, but of the ones who have been educated by  the followers of St. Ignatius of Loyola....".
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"The International of the Jesuits" or: Hunger & Starvation, the best aid for the miracles of Satan.

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Nazi-Islamic public television RTVSLO broadcasts pro-terrorist Hamas documentary

    JTC - Chick tracts. I adapted these two cartons for this post. Many thanks to U. for having corrected my errors. The tract is  "The poor revolutionist" :

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Nazi-Islamic public television RTVSLO broadcasts pro-terrorist Hamas documentary





    I watched only the final part. I have not the time, money, resources at disposition of the pro-Hamas [Nazi-Islam] cultural 'leftist' intellectual workers of Slovenia to control everything. Allegedly the first part of the documentary contains interview also with the Jewish side of the front in order to make it appear an "balanced" report. The fact that it was chosen to put the terrorist Hamas side at the end of it and the last considerations of the author of the documentary, repeating the political religious line of Hamas is a clear evidence.

    Muslims in the world are about 1.4 billions. Jews, at the opposite, less than twenty millions.  Their Biblical home, Israel, contains only less than seven millions' Jewish souls:

1  Israel


Worldwide, there are about 13.5 million Jews, or about 0.2% of the world population.

    If you add those Muslims to the Roman Catholic world empire population, and then you add still the population of China, an open ally of pro-Iran [anti-Israel] Assad, you get the beauty of the World Majority population:


   Well, the majority of the world population, or better: her Roman Catho-Islamic religious masters,  are not yet happy. In her single eye, eye belonging to a sort of colossal ecumenical religious cyclop, there is the thorn of those six millions of Jews in Israel, which is driving those religious masters mad and insane. 
    Jews represents the soil where the roots of Jesus are planted. Jesus fulfilled at least twenty seven Jewish prophecies. To destroy Jesus and his message - so thought in her mind the Whore in Rome - it is sufficient to destroy, pollute, pulverize that soil. But it cannot be attacked directly because 1) fear of the Lord's pronouncement, 2) fear to expose themselves as the true forces of Satan. Why only six millions of people would represent a danger for the world? Therefore all the efforts had to be employed in to 'demonstrate' that those six millions are guilty for any act of Satanism in the world.
    The building of the "Jewish plot" was and is the first point of the Vatican agenda. After having murdered six millions of them in the Second Thirty Years War [1914-1945] with a secret agreement between the masters of both fronts of war, the strategy had to be changed. Sixty years of victimization of Jews in the after-war age had to be transformed in the New Age of the victimization of Islam. For this purpose the Jewish home called Israel was surrounded by an ocean of angry anti-Jewish Islam warriors trained by their Muftìs [Nazi-Islam] who were in spiritual and military collaboration with Hitler and Himmler. In every moment of their existence the Jews of Israel must perceive that if they fail in to defend their home they will be slaughtered by that Nazi Islamic ocean around them. To exploit this not-symmetric war the International organizations lead by UN supply with money and policies ad hoc the enormous demographic increase of the Islamic civilian population in the areas of the war. With the hope to cause the maximum amount of casualties among the Islamic civilians in order to present to the world the Jews as "assassins".

    Every Western 'pacifist', pro-Palestine militant, knows in the secret of his heart this truth. The Strategy of Nazi-Islam is to provoke Israel and then to offer as cannibalistic ritual the proper Arab babies to the shells with the David's star  in order to purposely pour on it the blood of Arab children. A culture, a religion, a mentality which dresses up her babies as "kamikaze", is openly telling to you this strategy: "I'll do the possible to expose my babies to the dangers of war in order to incriminate the enemy". Not-symmetric war is just this:

Above image- original caption: "How to you expect the Israeli Army (IDF) to stop Hamas? The Holy Warriors for Allah are willing to kill their own children." - From the post of News That Matters blog "

Norwegian Army gets the Hijab: Banned by Turkey and Tunisia

", URL:

    Slovenia thought so well to join the Democratic Crusade of the Roman World Democratic Gorvernment of the 57% of world population against the 0,2%. If you accept this crusade [under the most different and deadly opposite ideological aestheticism] you are automatically a Nazi because you must admit automatically that this 0,2% of world population is 'dangerously' ruling the world, exactly like the anti-Jewish Nazi theories. For this reason Slovenia has an important role in this onslaught because she can hide the new Hitlerian crusade with the same "red stars" with which Slovenia fought against Hitler seventy years ago:

 Above image - a banner in the recent rallies in Slovenia against the corrupted elites, with the Hof-Marxists of Pious IX , natural-born enemies of  "American imperialism" and his "tools", Israel and Zionism. This is  how to hide the religious war with secular ideologies. "The uncle [puppetman] is the capitalism", a motto you read in the banner in the above image,  is the best ally of the Counter Reformation. Jesuits cannot allow to themselves to openly attack the Bible believers and the Roman Catholic liberals because they'll expose themselves as what they are, killers and assassins of the Reformation. For this reason they created an apparently atheist ideology, Marxism and her little sisters, Anarchism etc., to attack the Reform as "product of the capitalist relation between classes", "religion" [protestantism] as "deception" of the new class, the bourgeois class. For this reason both in Italy and Slovenia the media, especially the public media, are filled with Marxists and friends of Marxism, because they are only another phenomenology of the Roman Catholic Inquisitors.

     Slovenia can increase the confusion in the world at the service of the Vatican. During the crisis it is a good job. Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian partisans of Tito never would have purposely dragged the fire of the Nazi-Fascist shells on their civilians in order then to take pictures of the destruction and of the corpses to send them to the allies for propaganda, in order to obtain more dollars and ammunitions. The mob who now is rallying in the streets of Slovenia, with the mouth filled of words against the corrupted elite, and whose heart is conquered by cause of the "Palestinian" struggle, i.e. the Hamas terrorism, thanks a discrete political and public propaganda system at the order of the Vatican, know all that well. They know well but they hide that because they are hypocrites.   It is more comfortable to join the Big Brother Goliath  of the 57% under the command of Rome, than to understand the reasons of the 0,2% David. Be always with the strong guy, and beat the weak one.

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Above image - pic 17 of 37; Palestinian author Akram Habib in an excerpt in the Slovenian documentary broadcasted by RTVSLO - caption: "We Palestinian are under occupation, We are victims" - URL:
 Slovenian pro-terrorist Hamas documentary [photo-album with some excerpts of images]

Above image - pic 19 of 37, caption of the text: "I'm not a beast with horns, when I speak the beauty is borning".

"I'm not a beast with horns, when I speak the beauty is borning"....:

  "....The reliable Hadith (tradition attributed to Muhammad), [found] in the two reliable collections, Bukhari and Muslim, says:
"The Hour [of Resurrection] will not come until you fight the Jews. The Jew will hide behind stones or trees. Then the stones or trees will call: 'Oh Muslim, servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.' Except the Gharqad tree [which will keep silent]." Therefore it is no wonder that you see Gharqad [trees]
surrounding the [Israeli] settlements and colonies..""....."


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"PA Mufti: Muslims will kill Jews in name of Islam" [video and related problems to my PC, see also the Prophecy and the Beast]


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Spectacular fireworks at 22.11 hours

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"Templar" Terrorism? [Romish Jesuitical Continuing Counter Reformation as usual]

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Jesuit-Nazi thread among France, Argentina and Slovenia