Friday, June 14, 2013

...and I continue to be a victim of myself.


Above image - doc Janko Kralj. After his death and after the war his family emigrated in Argentina in the same town - Bariloche - of Erich Priebke and at the same time the alleged residence of another alleged illustrious immigrate in Argentina, Adolph Hitler.

Well, it is sufficient the previous exposition of the Italians of Trieste. Now its the turn of the Slovenes.

Slovenes of Trieste are not a community, they are a tool for the policy of the Masonry and of the church. There's no independent thought between the Slovenes of Trieste. No autonomy of the individual. Sometimes I found a certain amount of signals of attention among Italians, when I exposed the Vatican as mastermind of NWO. Curiosity, vivacity of mind. Not among Slovenes. At the opposite: immediate silence and rejections of myself. There's not possible to communicate, simply because you become a "virus to erase". It is in Trieste and in general in the Primorje that you perceive the absolute identity between the national identity of the Slovenes and the church. To be Slovene it means that you even can be quite an "atheist communist", but you always at the crucial moment will support the church in secret. I believe that even in the most deep villages of the poor south Italy there's not such implementation of the "apparently enemies – secretely brothers" as pertains the Slovenian individuality and the church of Rome.

Typically I received many "smiles in the face" and silent "stabs in the backs". Typical behavior of a person I know: the welcome is with kiss and hugs. After I have introduced the argument it arrives the indifference, then, in order to not contradict the previous welcome, the attempts to divert and distract on other topics. After the farewell the person is practically not accessible for further contacts and keeps in communication silence not answering to my mails etc.

Clear the pathology? The Schizophrenia. Then they said, when I point out such behavior, that they "learned in the Fascist age to be silent". But they liked it. And continue to perform it because such alibi help to get rid off the 'disturbers' with hypocrisy. 'Disturbers' are the few like me (probably the only one) who point the finger on the total identity between the Slovenian national identity and the church of Rome. You cannot be a Slovenes if you don't recognize the church of Rome as part of yourself. The reversal: the church of Rome in Slovenia is simply another [the noblest and purest ones, damn!!!] manifestation of the national identity. 

Or: to attack the church it means to attack Slovenia. And reversal. 

This concentration camp for the soul, with related gas chambers to kill with isolation and social psychiatry the eventual dissidents constitutes not only every day a larger portion of the Slovenian nation inside the Slovenian republic, but the 100 percent of the Slovenian community in Italy.

They continue to play the game of the "secret informative network of the Cedermaci priests" with me and don't understand that they are visible in their cretin game hundreds of miles away. They believe I don't know that what i speak, what I tell to them, will finish on the table of some priests (the one of Skedenj/Servola for example?). They are pathetic. In the isolation of their soft-fascism they are too much bold to understand the path of dissolution where they are walking on. They don't want to recognize that they are only a tool of the Vatican, like in the Mussolini age, when the priests with their double faces, to the Fascists claimed to fight the Communism, to the Slovenes [communist too] claimed to collaborate with the Fascists only to try to save the maximum amount of Slovenes. Bleah! What an hypocrisy! So if you were a 'disturb' for the church the priest "unfortunately couldn't help to save you" (oh! But they tried "everything" of course!!!). But if you were a political opportunity they could save you. So at the Second Trial the greatest majority of the arrested were liberal Catholics and not the Communist. Maybe is for this reason that the priest Ukmar was sending to Communist supplies when they were detained in the Italian prisons? Oh, just casually it goes about the liberal Catholics among the Slovenes, being the category the most hated by the Counter Reformation of Ledochowsky, but this is an insignificant detail....

At the end of all the same dirty game done with the Jews. The church collaborated with Nazis "only in order to save the greatest amount of Jews". Coincidence wanted that they saved only a microscopic number of them, but that number today is more important than the thousand of times greater number of the ones sent to the gas chambers. Miracles of the Roman Catholic Mathematic, and it is surely not an effect of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle the fact that Federico Lombardi, SJ, is a mathematician and at the same time a brave commentator of the documentaries on the "church-victim-of-Hitler".

Ah, of course, and I continue to be only a "...victim of myself"!.... 

*   *   *
Ops! Coincidence momentum! Yesterday the brave Slovenian parliament blessed by the Immaculate Mary of our poor pope Francis & the ghost of doc Kralj,  found an agremment between the super-ultra anti-communist opposition headed by Janez Jansa and the coalition of government, the "UDBA" [= Tito's services] Bolshevik coalition headed by Pozitivna Slovenia of Bratusek/Jankovic about a way to "privatize" fifteen important companies still in the hands or controlled by the state. From a drink and the other at the Parliament Inn, there was found reason to elevate the taxation on the property of the terrain from average 350 to 1200 Euronen. A guillotine for many little rural enterprises dealt at family level who now will have only alternative to sell the fields and of course under the price of the markets. Whom the guilty, of the "Italians"? But please, "Italians" have many guilties in Slovenia, but don't exaggerate. Now an astronomical amout of little fields will be sold for a "black and white" (expression of Trieste to indicate a super-low price), like in the age of depression. Not hard to understand that the church of Rome, who was among the origin of the actual crisis in Slovenia (and who else do you think as responsible? The Buddhists?) with the crack of Maribor diocese and archbishopric together with Zvon mutual funds of Rome, is thirsty for  earning. And maybe to put the paws on the immobiliar property of the little peasants in order to speculate and to suck from Slovenes what lost (800 mio.)??? A pure libido! 
Of course Slovenes will have the consolation to hit me via Slovenian "community"/Italian intelligence of Trieste:

Thursday, June 13, 2013

"Pope Francis has met Prime Minister Alenka Bratušek in the Vatican"

Thursday, June 13, 2013

"Pope Francis has met Prime Minister Alenka Bratušek in the Vatican"


Above image - "Pope Francis has met Prime Minister Alenka Bratušek in the Vatican, who was received also by Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Bertone Tarcisio." - URL:

".....Like in the age of the century long defense against the Turkish attacks or in the age of the advance of Protestantism, in such a way also in the today's bloody defense against the atheism the Slovenian nation remained faithful to the Holy Seat and gathered around the Church and took refugee in her Mother in the sky to get help. On 30th May 1942 the entire Slovenian nation consecrated herself to the Immaculate Heart of Mary...." [by doc Janko Kralj].

 Ethnic national war [de-nationalization and ethnocide] against Slovenes in the 'anti-Fascist' post-war Italy [remember on how the public administration has been cleaned by Italian nationalism well before the fall of Hapsburg empire, being the same Trieste a nucleus of Italian nationalism directed against Slovenes inside the same Hapsburg empire and just from the middle of the XIX century - remember that the immigration of Italians from the Savoy reign in AustrianTrieste as means to build an Italian  nationalist and anti-Slovene bulwark projected towards east was at full work just in the second half of the eighteen century, just fifty years before the end of the first world conflict - remember on how the actual immigration in Trieste who is done with the secret aim to further 'purify' the territory involves immigrants who are easily turned against the Slovenes with the propaganda of the "Foibe" and of the "exodus" - the new immigrants who are arriving in Trieste, left wing or right wing oriented doesn't matter, are just manipulated and ready for the next Anschluss of Slovenia by the Enlarged Pontifical Reign of the Apennine Peninsula ("Italian Republic"), via economic purchasing - remember that this war will end only with the total annihilation of the Slovenian ethnics and language, being the first books printed in Slovenia as start of national awareness Protestant books and paid with German Lutheran Orthodox money - LATIN must triumph everywhere and on everything as is the language of ROME, the language of the Emperor of the World: submit or die.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

"Gli Anni Bui della Slavia" ["The Dark Years of the Slavia" - book]

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A post-modern Anschluss.


 .....The BRATU-JANSA government selling Slovenia to the Vatican [pardon, to "Italy"]?
 ....and just after she announced the strategic plan for the privatization, the government of a two millions inhabitants visits immediately the neighbor, a world wide important country of sixty inhabitants, to offer him the "privatizations"??

....."Anti-fascists" center left Italian and Slovenian governments doing the job that even Mussolini [secular arm of Counter Reformation] couldn't perform???

".....Italy-Slovenia / Letta: Very interested in privatization
"In particular in the airport sector, postal and banking"

Second Pontifical reign (for the dummies "Italian Republic") is going to make the Anschluss of Slovenia via economic privatizations. Five centuries of  waiting and the final settling of scores is arrived with the Born-With-the-Reform Slovenia.

It is clear that the center right party of previous Ultramontane Janez Jansa and the center-left Pozitivna Slovenija of the Ljubljana major Jankovic are simply & only Jesuit-Masonic brothers: apparently enemies, secretely brothers.

It was needed the provocations of anti-Communist Janez Jansa government in order to make gulp down to the Slovenes the "less evil" of the "Communist" center left government of Bratusek which succeeded to Jansa. It was needed the engineered farce of the radar-semaphores of Maribor and the chariot of a Franz Kangler in order to make gulp down the "less evil". It was needed the celebration of the 300th anniversary of the "Slovenian peasants riots" in order to make gulp down the "less evil". Now ladies and gentlemen, look to the ones who recently praised the "Slovenian peasant riots" of 1713, are the same ones who now are selling Slovenia to the Vatican via "Italian" (but are Italians sovereign people or Vatican subjects?) purchase. Look at Bratusek who  visited also the true master of Enrico Letta and of the s.c. "Italian Republic", the Vatican. In order to receive instructions by the Jesuit psycho-manipulator, in art "pope Francis"?

Yes, because only the leftists can do the dirty job that even the Fascist occupation of 1941-1945 couldn't do. And now my dear Slovenes, you and your f****** "peasants' riots" are well f***** up.

Remember that after fifty years the collaborationist bishop Rozman, collaborationist with Italian Fascists Mussolini and Grazioli, came back to 'his' Ljubljana. At the opposite Primoz Trubar, is still buried abroad by nearly five centuries and it seems there's no end......

Remember that Janez Jansa is collaborating with the dirty job performed by Bratusek with his theatrical role in the trial-farces about the Finnish tanks "Patria", a scandal engineered in order to distract the attention of the Slovenes away from the right-wing and left-wing secret collaboration in the sign of the Counter Reformation and of the final implementation for the melting of Slovenia in the Enlarged Pontifical Reign of the Apennine peninsula.

Above image - notice from the screenshot on how Janez Jansa - in the day when the center left government is visiting the future purchaser of Slovenia - is doing his best to supply his brother/sister Bratusek with the fire of protection consisting in the endless political shows and attacks related to his "unrighteous" (= opportune) condemnation at the recent trial. Diversion fire? This is the first page of the Slovenija section of the online information of RTVSLO MMC, just when Bratusek is licking the dark side of the pope in Rome, but I don't see a trace of her visit... Do you see it maybe, my darlings???? Evidently the Berlusconi-technique has been transplanted in Slovenia. Apparently enemies - secretely brothers.

Here the truth - my dear Slovenes, you are served, from the sole to the hair:

".....JUNE 10 2013 22:31h
 Economic cooperation, investments and the financial situation in the eurozone will also be at the centre of talks during Bratusek's first visit to Italy on Tuesday, when she is due to meet with Prime Minister Enrico Letta and President Giorgio Napolitano.
The Slovenian PM is also scheduled to visit the Vatican where she will meet for talks with State Secretary Tarcisio Bertone and will be granted an audience with Pope Francis........"


Hawhawhaw... so c'mon, tell me now where's the "....Germany" here???? Heh? You, stinky dis-informationists, Sons Of Ledochowsky....