Sunday, June 30, 2013

Janša supports Bratušek creating civil war to hide sell-out of Slovenia


Above image - the pic of the article: "....Janša: A star expelled Cankar

Where there's the red star, there is no room for Slovenian culture, Janša said with a reference to the Lord's Prayer [a reference to the literary work of Slovenian author, socialist atheist Cankar, "The servant Jernej"]


Another statement of Janez Janša:

".....President Janez Janša's SDS as a keynote speaker at the event greeting homeland Statehood Day at St. Dom. Joseph in Celje, said that after 22 years the time has come to ask why we run into a crisis. In his view, we are in a crisis because in the country there's too much  Yugoslavia. He noted that the imports of more Yugoslavia [in Slovenia] leads to the collapse of Slovenia........".


       To tell the truth Yugoslavia, the first one, had too much 'Slovenia' (with marks) inside and for this reason was destroyed, as the monarchic Yugoslavia had too much Slovenian Jesuit priests in her government, SJ Anton Korosec always present inside every government of monarchic Yugoslavia, and ready to manipulate for the benefit of the Jesuits' Catholic revanchism  the policy of corrupted Karadjordjevic kings (except some exceptions!).

    Cause the presence of the symbols of the Partisans' army, the red star, at the celebration of the 2013 day of statehood of Slovenia on 25th June, where the president of Slovenia Borut Pahor addressed the nation, the opposition of the government headed by Janez Janša boycotted the official state celebration in the sign of a new civil war to fight ..."against the presence of (Communist) Yugoslavia in Slovenia"

     Day of the Statehood:

      The quote of  Cankar's work was addressed to a fantasy Yugoslavia. Janez Janša is a total liar as he - with the same praxis of his colleague Silvio Berlusconi - barked loud against the Communist Moon in order to silence the incoming of the 'privatization' or sell out of Slovenian strategic companies to the 'foreigners' (Vatican), via - of course - foreign purchasers, for example Italian ones . 

        Never forget the use of the "Communism" by the church of Rome in order to start fratricidal wars among Slovenes and to purge the nation from the true anti-Romanist, anti-papal, liberal, protestant elements:

 Above image - Janez Janša

      Janez Janša and his start of a civil war in Slovenia is the perfect background needed by the fake  'enemy' government of the 'Titoist' Alenka Bratušek, in order to liquidate the economical sovereignity of a country of little more than two millions inhabitants. 

    "Communist" Bratušek and "popish" Janša are members of the same brotherhood.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

"Pope Francis has met Prime Minister Alenka Bratušek in the Vatican"