Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Panslavism and the systematic brutalization of the Slovenes of Trieste


Above image - the author of the work "OKOLICANSKI BATALJON 'Fatti di luglio - 1868' ", Josip Merkù [publishing house Mladika].

    ".....In this place it should be mentioned the 'dualism' (1867); the Slovane 'hordes' in Hungary were under the Magyar lordship, the other ones in the Austrian half [of the empire] under the 'Herrenvolk'. Prof Reiter says [translated from German]: 'the Slavs are, cause this 'Koeniggratz' [Lordship or similar] profoundly deluded , and on the 15 May (1867) a Deputation of Croats and Czechs, Rutenians and Slovenes went to Russia".
    "The Slovenian 'hord' of Trieste had [not only the Koeniggratz but] also the liberal municipal lordship, which incessantly hindered everything which had importance in the improving of the condition of the Slovenes who were taking awareness, Slovenes whose 'rights' were unreachable. The rulers [of the city of Trieste] were spreading and writing among the common people  in an impressing way also totally invented [false] news or statement and were wrongly presenting simplified figures of the Slovenian people, [a process] which obtained the desired effect: the cultivation of the anti-Slovenian intolerance, which had not to go asleep or to be forgotten.
    "The intolerance, all along the time, transformed itself in a sort of 'hobby', which became so much a daily [affair] that spread like a spot of oil on the water - already in an unconscious way - without any kind of respect for the Slovenes.
    "Against such work there was no help also cause the financial incompetence of the Slovenes. To the ones without financial means or with a weak character, who wanted to persevere to work in the city, there was offered only one hope, the camouflage; together with all the consequences...".

[The above excerpt comes from the mentioned book of Josip Merkù "OKOLICANSKI BATALJON etc.", page 10].

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"....And also all that, if it has a link with the "War on Liberal Catholic 'heretics' " of Pious IX and the SJ Wladimir Ledochowsky's gang of assassins, surely it is not for a casual coincidence.....".

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The stick and the baton [how to describe the ethnic identity of the city of Trieste]